During the launch of 4Looper we are conducting a Giving Campaign, which we hope to conduct periodically to support charities that share our mission of helping caddies and golf workers.  We have already donated over $10,000 to the charities we are asking our customers to support in this Giving Campaign - the Western Golf Association's Evans Scholarship Fund and the Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund.  We encourage you to learn more about these incredible organizations and their contributions to the game of golf and the lives of caddies by clicking the links below.  
It's simple.
Step 1: "Show Up!"  Support one of the two incredible golf charities that we are featuring in the current giving campaign: (1) the Evans Scholarship Fund WGAESF, or (2) the Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund
Step 2: "Keep Up!"  Send us an email at john@4looper.com with proof of your contribution to either the Evans Scholarship or the Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund.  For donations up to a limit of $500, 4Looper will issue you a gift certificate equal to $10 for every $25 you donate (e.g., donate $100, receive a $25 gift certificate, donate $500, receive a $200 gift certificate) for 4Looper products that are in stock and available on our website.*  If you redeem more than $125, the shipping is free!


*Gift Certificate limit is $200.  Products redeemed must be in stock and available on website for redemption.  Donations must be verified, valid, and made to either the Evans Scholarship Fund or the Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund on or before 12/31/2022.  No refunds are available on products acquired through Gift Certificate redemptions.